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DTouchR dev shot 01

DTouchR dev shot 01

Announcing DTouchR by dtr!

I started development of a touch screen interface for Ableton Live and iPhone/iPod Touch. The goal is to put selected controls for producing and performing under my fingertips. At the moment I’m not going for full control of every single detail in Live but rather select the crucial ones and complement them with my other controllers (Monome, Remote 25 SL Compact, Triggerfinger, etc). For example: navigate tracks and devices with my iPod while the Remote SL’s encoders automap to the selected device’s parameters.

The iPhone/iPod interface is made using the fantastic TouchOSC by Hexler. Interfacing with Live is done by Max-for-Live patching.

In the current (very early) development version I have implemented:

  • Scene up/down selection and fire, with feedback of selected scene name
  • Track left/right selection, with feedback of selected track name
  • Device left/right selection, with feedback of selected device name
  • Device on/off button, with feedback of the current state

I intend to release all of it when it gets to a satisfying level. Ideas for features are welcome!

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  1. le k

    yes, sounds great! We definitely need navigation through tracks, labeled knobs, etc…

    I use osctouch on my iphone which is really great but i miss your features!

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    I too have used osctouch and love your features.

  3. Mickey

    I’ve not been using TouchOSC on iPhone, but post sounds very interesting. Keep up the good work, man.

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